MESURIS : The company

MESURIS is specialized in electonic systems integration mainly for marine application and seabed mapping.

The effectiveness of our systems is recognized in the Survey of the marine works, breakwaters
and seabed mapping.It is thanks to this commitment and the positive assets of Britanny that MESURIS has been able to be different and develop its activities in Reunion Island, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

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MESURIS history...

  • 1993 : After working at Schlumberger, Alain MOUQUET had the opportunity to purchase company shares from his previous employer. As a result, MESURIS began to streamline its activity as a distributor of marine instruments. MESURIS implemented its first integrated systems on board an aircraft. A few month after, the company started to focus on the marine market as there was a high demand and new technological developments within the industrial sector (multibeam echo sounders).

  • From 1993 to 1999 : This periode was marked by a quick development in the trading of marine instrumentation and equipment with thermal recorders for sonars, followed by PVC color printers. MESURIS extended its activity by adding products and sensors to include such products like motion sensors, for major companies like Ifremer and SHOM. MESURIS complemented its service offer by adding RTK positioning, electromagnetic measurement systems for burrried submarine cables, sea water scientific measurement sensors, tide recorders, ...

  • Since 1999 : MESURIS continued to develop its teams and its technical knowledge. The company integrated multibeam echo sounders for French hydrographic services such as Le Havre, Rouen and Marseille harbours. In fact, MESURIS is the first company in France having developped a mobile multibeam bathymetric vessel to provide high resolution.

  • Since 2000, Since 2000, continuing to respond to hydrographic needs, MESURIS carried out five major innovations :

        1. SURVEXTM


        3. POSIBLOCTM


        5. GEOSUB 3D TM


  • Since 2014, MESURIS has opened an agengy on La Reunion Island with multipurpose hydrographic vessel and staff to ensure follow-up work for New costal Road project and ACCROPODE placement aid with POSIBLOC systems.


MESURIS Philosophy...

MESURIS has built its reputation on its unconditional commitment to produce data consistent with reality. Revolutionary advances in Survey are present throughout the past 20 years and are the basis of future innovations.

Since MESURIS Sarl creation in 1993 by Alain Mouquet, inspired by the in-situ oil measurement techniques, the original philosophy and the founding bases of the company have not changed.

MESURIS has retained its extraordinary commitment to innovation, because it is thanks to the research that the dreams of yesterday become the reality of tomorrow. We are trying to identify with our partners, the solutions that, once perfected, improve the efficiency, accuracy, and the resolution of the underwater mapping.

In addition to research, we focus on excellence in all our activities, from the management of the company to customers’ service, from systems that we design to the instructions which will allow you to use them. In each domain, we truly consider that a satisfactory quality is only a starting point.

We have put our positive power, our expertise and our passion in innovation, for the development of real time solutions, responding to maritime works’ challenges. If most of our products and systems are implemented on survey vessels, dredging equipments or cranes, MESURIS also deals with designers and public institutions.