09 Aug 19

POSIBLOC™ at Al Faw Grand Port, CORE-LOC™ placement completion

Nearly 100,000 CORE-LOC™ units placed on the Al Faw Grand Port project

 Located in southern Iraq Al Faw Grand Port project is protected by two major breawaters, the 13 km long West breakwater and the 8 Km long East breakwater.

POSIBLOC™-EC system have been deployed on 3 excavator for CORE-LOC™ placement on the breakwaters.

The CORE-LOC™ layer is nearly completed, with about 100,000 units placed.

A great success for Daewoo Engineering & Construction with the POSIBLOC™ leading edge technology for ACCROPODE™ ECOPODE™ and CORE-LOC™ placement.




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