3D Bathymetric and topographic mapping

  • Survey inspection : quay, bridge, breakwater...
  • Natural or artificial rock inspection, density control
  • Volume computation, differential
  • Isobaths production, cross section
  • interactive 3D files BATHYRELIEFTM

Description MESURIS's projects : objective, descriptive missions


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Fields of intervention

+ Harbour multibeam survey
In only one day, SURVEX vessel surveys in high resolution most of the harbour and provides datas for volume calculation. Breakwaters can be mapped with 0.10 x 0.10m cells and topography above water line done simultaneously by TOPOMETRYXTM HR 3D scanner laser unit.

+ Coastal bathymetry
1 to 3 Km2 are covered each day. Side scan sonar imagery is also availlable (maximum 25m depth) and ultra-high resolution sub-bottom profiler designed for shallow water environments

+ Canals, lakes and rivers
up to 15 km of canal can be covered each day using GPS+GLONASS positioning blended with inertial navigation