Example of previous works

Urban survey

realisation1PURPOSE :
Seabed mapping as part of the docks and urban rehabilitation works

Some 15 kilometers of rivers were mapped in high resolution with multibeam echosounder for detection of navigational hazards but also in the context of a new urban docks and rehabilitation works


Survey inspection

realisation1PURPOSE :
High resolution bathymetry and 3D laser scanner with a hydraulic retention before dredging work

Removing all the water from a dam still requires a detailed inspection of the structure to detect the eventual disorders or obstruction which may affect the operation of the pumps but also to estimate the silting of the reservoir before dredging work


Yacht harbour survey

realisation1PURPOSE :
Marinas bathymetric survey

Bathymetry survey in a marina allows a multitude of applications results as establishing a anchor plan, volume calculation, object detection on the bottom and disorders of the foot of quay wall...




Sub bottom profilling

realisation1PURPOSE :
Bedrock monitoring and determining the thickness of sediment

Coupled with the multibeam bathymetry, sediment survey allows to better understand the geology of an area and provides valuable information for various applications such as environmental studies, the detection of buried objects , dredging ...





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